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For this edition of sticker stencils, we once again reached out to our network of creators to bring something that strikes a chord with our audience—and perhaps, teaches them something new. 

We wanted to highlight certain Arabic words, and gave our creators full creative freedom in how they interpreted them in a typeface of their choice, or perhaps something of their own design. The words chosen were ‘Peace’ (in variations) and ‘Love’.

Thank you to Ali Al Masri and Ibrahim Zaki for being a part of this collection.

Peace: Light with Patience, and Peace by Ali Al Masri in Nastaleeq

Love: Hub in 2 ways, designed by Ibrahim Zaki, with influences from Thuluth and Kufic scripts

This time we wanted to give you a tool to enuance your space. These stickers can also be used for large body art.

And they’re reusable!

You can use our pre-rolled Henna cones, or make your own using The Kit.

Designed in the UAE.

Please allow 1-3 business days for ground delivery in the UAE, and 2-7 business days for DHL Express delivery internationally. Shipments are dispatched every Monday (Worldwide), and daily in the UAE. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Customs and duties fees that are charged to you by the importing country are not our responsibility. From our customers experience French and Canadian import duties are very high.  

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