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For this edition of henna sticker stencils, we once again reached out to our network of creators to bring something that strikes a chord with our audience—and perhaps, teaches them something new. 

We wanted to highlight certain Arabic words, and gave our creators full creative freedom in how they interpreted them in a typeface of their choice, or perhaps something of their own design. The words chosen were ‘Peace’ (in variations), ‘Love’, and then a selection of words from Khaleeji culture that are second nature to us.

Thank you to Ali Al Masri, Ibrahim Zaki, and Omaima Dajani for being a part of this collection.

Peace: Light, Acceptance, Peace, and Patience by Ali Al Masri in Nastaleeq

Love: Hub in 3 ways, designed by Ibrahim Zaki, with influences from Thuluth and Kufic scripts

Culture: Words we love to say, in the city we love to live in, by Omaima Dajani

You can use our pre-rolled Henna cones, or make your own using The Kit, then create patterns made with our collection of sticker stencils. 

And they’re reusable!

Designed in the UAE.

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